Ravello, Italy, 1993 | 
Sandoval Lake in the Amazon, Peru, 1999 | 
Rome, Italy, 2000 | 
The Forbidden City, Beijing, China, 2001 | 
Jaisalmer, India, 1994 | 
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, 1999 | 
Jaisalmer, India, 1995 | 
Corn Terraces, Moray, Peru, 1999 | 
Atrani, Italy, 1993 | 
Bagan, Myanmar, 2000 | 
Varanasi, India, 1995 | 
Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, 1993 | 
Udaipur, India, 1995 | 


Traveling and sketching

Andrew Bromberg has been exploring the world since he was 17 years old. He always carried an A2 sketchbook on his travels and a few charcoal pencils to sketch what he saw, be it the wild landscape of Peru, ancient stepwells in India, a traditional village hut found in the Myanmar countryside, or a building intertwined with an aging tree, found in the jungle of Angkor Wat.

In this section, you can see a selection of Bromberg’s charcoal drawings, early impressions that were part of the architect”s formative years.

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